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Top Rated Cleaning Services Surrey

Aris Building Services is a leading cleaning company in Surrey, with a solid and unbeatable reputation for the quality of work and ethics. We have been providing high-quality residential, business, and strata cleaning services Surrey for over ten years. We provide different types of cleaning services to suit the many different requirements of our loyal customers.

Commercial Cleaning

The cleaning services crew at Aris Building Services is well-versed in commercial cleaning and passionate about their jobs. Their priority is making your workspace clean and spotless. A clean workspace can incentivize your employees to work harder and attract more clients, so it is always important to ensure that your commercial space is attractive and well-maintained.

You can rely on our professional cleaners to handle your cleaning requirements, such as carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, window cleaning and more.

House Cleaning

Let routine or daily duties slide through the cracks in today’s hectic society is easy. It is usual for people to become engrossed in their work, family, or social activities, to the point where they do not have the time to take care of their house and make sure that it is safe and hygienic.

At Aris Building Services, we always see this, which is why we provide house cleaning services to address it. Our residential cleaning services in Surrey are perfect for you, whether you’re too busy to give your home the love and attention it needs or simply because you hate to do cleaning chores on your own.

Our Surrey cleaning services range from basic housekeeping to extensive cleanings, all of which have contributed to our reputation as one of the best household cleaning companies in the area.

Surrey Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning services Surrey are tailored to your specific requirements, providing cost-effective but high-quality options solutions to ensure you get the care and attention you need.

We can clean out your office, and we can do so at affordable and fair prices. We provide services such as restroom cleaning, furniture cleaning, sweeping and mopping, cleaning the kitchen etc.

Strata Cleaning

Compared to other property kinds, strata buildings demand significantly diverse services and cleaning solutions. It is also a bit more complicated than other cleaning tasks. But fear not -we are experts at this job!

Aris Building Services provides professional strata cleaning services in Surrey, and our services are all tailored to your building’s specific demands and specifications. Our mission is to have qualified, and experienced cleaning experts take care of every aspect of your property.

We bring our own cleaning equipment and work quickly and efficiently, so we are not likely to disrupt your schedule any more than necessary.

What Is Special About Aris Building Services?

We are insured and licensed.

We bring our own cleaning equipment

Our fees are entirely affordable and devoid of any hidden prices.

We are available all days of the week

Safety is critical to us. Our team members are fully insured and trained to be careful.

We provide top-notch service; our work will be worth every penny you pay for it.

We offer transparent quotations for each job. We also charge by the hour and do not use flat rates

Making a reservation is very easy -it will take you less than thirty seconds.


If you choose to work with Aris Building Services, we will need to assess your cleaning requirements to provide you with an exact price. We will consider different factors such as the number of rooms to be cleaned, the size of the house, the number of bathrooms, accessibility to spaces and more. Based on all these, we will be giving you a free estimate for your cleaning job.

What To Expect From Our Cleaning Services Surrey

When we clean a building, especially houses, we do quite a few things, such as cleaning toilets, sinks, counters, tubs, showers, and stovetops. In addition, we do services such as wiping down cupboard doors, microwaves, door knobs, light switches, window ledges, and counter backsplashes.

How the job is completed is just as important as the services provided. Clients of Aris Building Services in Surrey may expect a project to be completed in a timely way, in addition to our satisfaction guarantee.

We arrive prepared for every work and, whenever feasible, utilize ecologically friendly cleaning materials. We are committed to safeguarding your family and the environment.

Hire A Professional Cleaning Services Surrey

Our ideals of sustainability, responsibility, professionalism and family friendliness are evident in our cleaning services Surrey at Aris Building Services. We want our clients to be specific that their homes will be treated with the utmost care.

If you are looking for high-quality and affordable cleaning services in Surrey, don’t forget to give us a call.