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Whether you’re carrying out a large-scale remodelling project for your home or workplace or even simply renovating a room, carpet removal is typically an essential and hectic part of the procedure.

Even though you may be ready to convert your home or workplace into an entirely new and better version, you should know that you can’t install new carpets without getting rid of the old ones first.

Most carpet installation services do not cover the disposal of the old carpeting, and you are often left wondering what to do with them. So this is where Aris Building Services step in.

The polite and professional staff at Aris Building Services in Surrey will assist you in your remodelling projects by moving the furniture, uninstalling old carpets and returning the table to their original locations.

Then we’ll discard and recycle your old carpets and other remaining trash so that you will not have to deal with the burden of carpet removal when installing new carpets in your home or workplace.

How Do Our Carpet Removal Services Work?

It is pretty simple. Just let us know what carpets need to be removed, and our carpet removal teams will get down to their business immediately. At Aris Building Services, our carpet removal and disposal services are all-inclusive, and the prices are quantity-based; you will only be charged for the area your carpet occupies in our pickup truck.

You will only have to let yourself relax and watch while our helpful and professional staff take care of everything for you. While you continue installing new carpets and the rest of the renovations, you can let us tend to the removal and disposal of your old carpets.

We at Aris Building Services ensure that all of the heavy work associated with carpet removal is undertaken at no additional charges to guarantee the cheapest possible pricing for carpet removal and disposal.

Carpet Removal Service

Carpeting Types We Accept

Aris Building Services accepts rugs and carpets of all forms, sizes and textures. Our highly certified, licensed and accredited removal experts will remove your old carpets regardless of where they are or what type they are.

Floor coverings, Area and Outdoor Rugs, Loop/Cut Loop Carpets, Nylon or Polyester Carpets Stain Resistant Carpeting, Shag Carpeting and Olefin Carpeting are some of the carpet types accepted by the carpet removal teams at Aris Building Services in Surrey.

We Recycle It All!

Because of the raw materials used in some carpets’ production, certain landfills and dump sites will not take in old carpets and rugs.

Certain kinds of fabrics, polymers, and compounds are resistant to degradation in landfills and can adversely affect the ecosystem in the long run. Aris Building Services facilitates recycling and donating old carpets as a part of our carpet removal service.

Keeping in line with our environmentally-responsible carpet removal and disposal strategy, we collaborate with local charity organizations and recycling institutions in Surrey to make sure that everything that still has some value is kept out of local landfills and dump sites, enabling them to be recycled and utilized in the production of new goods.

How Much Do Our Services Cost?

Aris Building Services cover everything from lifting and loading to recycling and donating with affordable rates and no undisclosed expenses. We aim to provide our clients with transparent and genuine prices consistently.

We will not begin any work without first offering you a free quotation. Our clients need to remember that the prices in our quotes will be influenced by the size and the number of carpets removed.

We’ll carry out a comprehensive evaluation of your circumstances and tell you what to anticipate. We endeavour to be the most economical carpet removal service in Surrey.

Other advantages of using our carpet removal services are:

We offer environmentally friendly removal, recycling and donating services

One-day or day-after services are available depending on your circumstances and needs

Our staff is certified and accredited, which will ensure the safety of your home or workplace

We provide free price quotations

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Aris Building Services in Surrey makes it simple to get your free quotation for carpet removal and disposal. If you live anywhere around Surrey, we offer one-day or day-after removal services so that you can get rid of your old carpeting as quickly as possible.

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