Flooring Installation

Flooring Installation by Aris Building Services

Aris Building Services is well-known for delivering expert, highly accredited, and licensed flooring installation solutions in Surrey.

Installation of domestic and industrial flooring is our key specialty. Our flooring technicians are highly skilled in installing a wide variety of flooring, including carpets and carpet tiles, solid and manufactured wooden floors, laminate flooring, vinyl tiles and sheet vinyl flooring, and bamboo and cork flooring.

Installation of Domestic Floors

Aris Building Services is the top flooring installation service provider in Surrey for installations of hardwood, carpets, vinyl, laminate, tiles, cork, and bamboo.

Installation of Industrial Floors

Aris Building Services in Surrey are specialists in installing industrial carpets and carpet tiles, commercial vinyl, VCT, Marmoleum, hardwood, laminate, and tiles.

All Your Flooring Needs Under One Roof

Regarding any of your flooring requirements, we at Aris Building Services will take care of everything for you! If you are in Surrey, you can easily book a consultation with one of our flooring specialists, purchase all necessary flooring supplies and extra equipment from our store, and have them expertly fitted by our skilled flooring technicians.

Interacting with a single service provider for all your flooring needs can minimize the time, money and effort you need to spend and give you more control over the final outcome.

The Finest Standards of the Industry

Aris Building Services in Surrey provide services that are completely regulated, accredited, and backed by the Workers’ Compensation Board. We are also adamant about adhering to the requirements of the North American flooring industry.

With great pride, we say that each and every staff member at Aris Building Services has a combined expertise of at least five years in the field of flooring installation. The flooring materials and equipment that our technicians use are also of high quality and standard.

Dedication and Commitment

At Aris Building Services, we respect your schedule and demands, which is why we make sure to take every attempt possible to stay on track with the estimated project plan and timeline. We also make it a point to monitor the quality and standard of our work throughout each step of the procedure to provide you with the finest, long-lasting outcomes.

We consider each and every project that we undertake to be a reflection of our company’s image and reputation.

Installation of Solid and Reinforced Hardwood Flooring

Flooring installation professionals at Aris Building Services in Surrey are well experienced in installing various hardwood floors, including solid, reinforced, and parquet. Many flooring installation techniques are available, including floating, nail down, glue and double glue down, herringbone, and hardwood installation on staircases and walls.

All flooring installations offered by Aris Building Services for installing hardwood flooring are regulated and accredited by the relevant authorities so that the safety of your properties will be 100% guaranteed.

Floor Installation of Carpets and Carpet tiles

Fast and expert flooring installation of domestic carpets, industrial carpet, carpet tiles, and carpet stairs are some of the services offered by Aris Building Services. Our carpet fitters are skilled and knowledgeable in assisting you in installing a wide variety of carpet flooring, including wool, nylon, polyester, olefin, and others.

Flooring Installation of Vinyl Sheet and Plank Flooring

The licensed installers of vinyl floors at Aris Building Services can install Premium Vinyl Panels and Vinyl Tiles, Vinyl Sheets, Industrial Vinyl Flooring (LVP, LVT, VCT, BioBased Tile (BBT), Marmoleum, and other types of vinyl flooring.

Installation of Laminate Floors

Services provided by Aris Building Services for installing laminate floors quickly and efficiently include installing laminate floors on stairways and installing AC3 Domestic and AC5 Industrial Laminate floors.

Removal of Floors

Aris Building Services, based in Surrey, employs a specialist team skilled in removing and dismantling floors with the knowledge and expertise required to complete the job at hand precisely and accurately.

Our expert demolition contractors can uninstall and discard your old floors, whether hardwood, carpet, or tile, and leave your foundation spotless and ready to install your replacement flooring.

Levelling of Floors

If a particular foundation has not been precisely levelled to guarantee optimal adhesion, it makes installing new floors tedious. At Aris Building Services, our professional teams employ a variety of levelling materials and techniques to ensure that your foundation is uniform and ready to welcome new flooring, resulting in a picture-perfect outcome.