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Relocating is not simply transferring your possessions from one location to another. Many difficulties make the procedure complex, from choosing a suitable place and preparing it for the relocation to organizing the necessary documents. One of these difficulties is finding a practical storage service.

It’s typical to require storage service while relocating, whether you still haven’t located an appropriate place or the restoration project in your new place hasn’t been completed yet. There’re various storage solutions available; the one that suits you the best is based on your requirements and the nature of your relocation.

Storage Service and Options for Relocating

When relocating, you’ll typically need to store your belongings for about a month before transporting them to your new place. So you’ll need an option that’s economical and trouble-free.

Below are your top options:

Self-storage facilities

Self-storage services are secure and convenient, and you may store your belongings for a long time.

Storage spaces are available in many sizes and can be leased monthly. Most self-storage establishments have advanced security mechanisms and a variety of other facilities.

Furthermore, self-storage is inexpensive, with spaces costing from $50 to $250 per month (varying based on the unit size, location, features, and duration).

So, if you’re relocating, you should choose a self-storage establishment close by to store your possessions. Yet, self-storage is much suited for prolonged storage. Since it involves transporting your belongings twice, it adds to the inconvenience and the cost.

Portable containers

Portable containers can be utilized to store and carry domestic items to another place. They’re robust and insulated, providing safety to the contents within. They’re available in many sizes to meet a variety of purposes.

If you choose to use a portable container when relocating, a pod will be brought to your place to be filled with your items, and then it’ll be carried to your new home or a storage establishment. You’ll have to spend around $200 monthly for a container, while this may vary based on the capacity.

Portable containers are secure, convenient and cost-effective when you need to store your items while relocating.

Remember that keeping a portable storage unit at your house may require permission.

Moving Agencies That Provide Storage Services

Most moving agencies offer both moving and as well as storage solutions at reasonable costs. Aris Building Service in Surrey is a reliable company that provides storage services.

When you want to store your belongings for some time during relocation, moving companies such as Aris Building Services, which also provides storage services, should be your top choice. At Aris Building Services, we manage everything related to moving and storing, and storage during the move will also be incorporated into your quotation.

How to Select the Most Appropriate Storage Solution for Your needs

When seeking the ideal storage solutions, consider how well they match your particular demands.

There’re numerous aspects to take into consideration when choosing your storage option:

What do you need to store?

The number of goods to be stored decides the capacity – Renting a self-storage facility makes little sense if you have a few items to keep. You should hire a smaller container or instead leave your goods with your mover; the sort of stuff to be stored defines the necessary conditions- To store electric equipment, paintings, and delicate goods, air-conditioned space is the wisest option.

How much longer do you wish to store your belongings?

Usually intended to be short-term, but the storage duration may range from weeks to months. The term determines the best choice your belongings will be stored – self-storage is better in the long term, while pod containers are better in the short term.

How often do you need to access your stored belongings?

If you need to access your possessions regularly, storing them with a moving company is not a smart choice.
A pod could be ideal; you may place it in your yard and access anything you want.
Self-storage spaces are also possible; select one nearby and always accessible.

How much space can you afford?
  • Self-storage is inexpensive, but shorter rental periods increase monthly costs, so it’s not the best for temporary storage.
  • Portable containers are around the same price as self-storage facilities, but they’re far handier. The cost of moving varies on the distance travelled and the capacity.
  • Storage of moving companies isn’t inexpensive, but it ensures ease and security. So, storing your stuff with the moving company would be the better choice when you consider the storage space charge plus the movers’ charge. At Aris Building Services in Surrey, we always try to provide you with the most affordable storage services for your demands.

Why Moving Company Storage a Smart Idea?

It’s wise to engage a moving company for temporary storage if you’re using one for relocating. Aris Building Services in Surrey provides storage services too, so merging them is the most accessible alternative.

If you opt for a self-storage center, you’ll be dealing with various companies, which will make things cumbersome.

So, if you intend to employ a moving company to assist you with your relocation, inquire whether they also provide storage. At Aris Building Services, we offer our clients practical and economical options, so you’ll receive an excellent bargain from us.

When you require short-term storage, moving company storage is your ideal choice. Storing your belongings with Aris Building Services will make your relocation less hectic.

Contact Aris Building Services in Surrey, and we’ll take care of your moving and storing needs for you!